Firefox fights for family privacy

Parents have enough to sweat over without worrying about how tech is tracking their family. However, a report from England’s Children’s Commissioner office calculates that by the time a child turns 18, there will be an incredible 70,000 posts about them on the internet. All those photos, tweets and likes seem innocent and to a large extent they are — if you understand how a digital footprint can contribute to tracking and what that might mean for a child’s future.

Almost every action children take online is now logged. In exchange, companies provide free or low cost content like videos and apps that they use to collect data and build customer profiles. These are offered to advertisers and others.

According to security experts at Barclays, these profiles increase the likelihood of identity theft. Data like this can also be used to influence things like college admissions and health insurance rates.

Beyond the economic and privacy impacts are other possibilities that are more difficult to measure. Parents know their children need to take risks to develop in healthy ways, pushing their boundaries as they experiment and grow up. Can children truly express themselves if they always feel like they are being watched on their computer, at school, or in the home?

With Firefox, digital privacy becomes a little more possible for your family

Firefox products work by collecting a minimum amount of sensitive information about the people who use them, such as their browsing habits. We gather only what is needed at an aggregate level to improve the product, and don’t want or need to know about your family.

Privacy has always been a core part of the Mozilla mission, and we are proud to offer families products and content that empower them to chart their own course on the web.

Protect your family with Firefox for desktop

Firefox for your desktop includes privacy protections not found in other browsers that can safeguard you and your family from some of the most pernicious forms of tracking. With Firefox, you can find the right balance for your family with easy-to-select “Standard,” “Strict,” or “Custom” settings and feel safe and confident that Firefox will keep your family’s information private.

–> Learn more about Firefox privacy settings

Firefox Focus logo.

Protect your family on mobile devices

Focus for iOS and Android automatically provides privacy that can help your family browse on mobile devices stress free. Focus comes with powerful privacy features are always on and your browsing history is wiped after every session. This can be useful if you want to share your device with your child and not worry if their browsing is being tracked.

–> Get Firefox Focus for Android or iOS

Protect your family with Firefox data breach alerts

Data breaches happen all too frequently. Firefox Monitor alerts you when there is a breach that you might be a part of and tells you what hackers already know about you. You can stay a step ahead of the bad guys and sign-up every member of your family so they can have the same protections. Monitor will alert you if there is a problem and then you can change your impacted passwords.

–> Sign up for Firefox Monitor

Protect your family with safe iOT devices

Connected devices are awesome and make our lives easier in hundreds of ways. But some of them are a little creepy and take our personal information in ways we never imagined. We created this guide to help you buy safe, secure products so you keep clear of internet connected teddy bears and other gadgets that might be tracking your family.

–> Read the Mozilla Foundation “Privacy Not Included” Guide

Protect your family by learning the issues

What’s happening online no longer just stays there. Our online lives and our offline lives are merging, and it’s raising serious questions for how to navigate this new word. Mozilla’s IRL podcast can help increase your family’s digital literacy and serve up interesting topics for kitchen table conversations. Try starting with this episode on passwords — how they work and why it matters. We hope it sparks important conversations and helps you decide what is the right way to approach your family’s online life.

–> Listen to Firefox’s IRL podcast



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  1. Md z wrote on

    Absolutely your new generation become the best generation knowing everything helping each other
    all arround the wrould


    1. Yogurt wrote on

      This is outrageous that you think people should know everything about your kids? Mozilla thank god for you because every fruit loop out there is looking to find anything including share your information to anyone who wants it


      1. ian max wrote on

        Yes. Well done Firefox you just keep getting better and better and it gives me paece of mind that every step of my daily life isn’t recorded to be sold to the highest bidder by companies that do so many nefarious things in the excuse to make a profit……Well done Firefox….you should sing your own praises more highly and for me what you say can be imparted more succinctly ; too many words make me instinctively bin unnecessary blurb.
        So Bigger writing and fewer words !!!! From, Ian M.


  2. Md z wrote on

    Your new generation is a gold asset to the next future


  3. Rana Almaweri wrote on

    that sucks!


  4. Victor Walker wrote on

    My bank wants me to enable cookies, What do I do?


    1. Norm wrote on

      Those cookies identify YOU to the bank. You wouldn’t want just anybody accessing your bank account, would you?


      1. Jayabalan pokkaru wrote on

        Sycm records


    2. jay wrote on

      Hey maybe it’s time you got rid of your credit card


    3. Melinda Bandow wrote on

      Don’t do it. Our credit union went from service-oriented to let’s bombard our customers with frequent solicitations encouraging us to spend money we don’t have. Don’t give them ammunition.


    4. Sanofi Mohin wrote on

      Ask your bank why this is?
      And suggest to do them fix the needful as if that Won’t ask for.


  5. Md. Monjur Rahman wrote on

    Firefox site is very very fine. I like this.


    1. jay wrote on

      But how long can they stay strong like this if not already


  6. Grant Young wrote on

    I use Firefox Quantum for a browser, DuckDuckGo for a search engine, a password manager and a VPN. I am not too sure what else I can do.


    1. Knock wrote on

      Easy, don’t use Internet.


      1. jay wrote on

        Too easy for you to say


    2. Cleavis Nowell wrote on

      Firefox combined with open source apps like VLC works best with windows 7 and it is the combination which most libraries using W 7 will eventually have to fall back/default to.


    3. Rocky wrote on

      Hey, you’re like my twin, haha, I’m the same, but I also have Firefox extensions for security like Adblock and HTTPS Everywhere.


  7. Rosie wrote on

    Hi, I have signed up to privacy but now can’t open facebook to pm my son which is really important to me. please correct this. I don’t like facebook but it is the only way to communicate with him.


    1. jonny jr wrote on

      yeah fire fox is good browzer mine is new edition for windows 10 never had problems with it works just fine


    2. Oldtimer wrote on

      There are lots of ways to pm your son. Email is obvious. Youcantalk with zoom free for 40 min, Skype, twitter using a special account used only for your son, try Groups (Yahoo or google), use the phone, send cryptic messages only the two of you know. Use Facebook too just use cryptic messages. There are all kinds of things you can do if you think about it. Write a letter. Mail a post card.Good Luck!


  8. margaret lindsay wrote on

    I believe my computer has been hacked can you help me. thank you


  9. bob h. wrote on

    Where are my bookmarks? I’m not happy.


  10. chris Dempsey wrote on

    i don’t use your product anymore after a recent upgrade Meant that firefox refused to link to all the sites i had been happily using for years cos their certificates were wrong for a variety of reasons. What a load of rubbish. Gone to google, bye

    and your contact us options are total rubbish x


  11. Abduslam wrote on

    I need to make a follow up on my kids


  12. Wayne wrote on

    Then why do you have Google for your search engine?


  13. Bmf wrote on

    No I’m really not it’s been so much better than the first time in my house for you to see if they can celled to be busy and simple as a great day at work on the first to comment on the matter is a good thing for me


  14. Greg wrote on

    The thing is (minimum data collected) in reality what are minimums any more?? Basically no one, nothing man creates last for ever. Or can totally secure us!


  15. Gomer wrote on

    People just don’t realize the danger of posting pictures online and private information as well. Just be smart about it and think twice before taking that risk. It’s definatly not worth it. Just THINK!


  16. Brian wrote on

    We’ve used Firefox for internet browsing ever since it was called Netscape! Great product! Hope to never have to switch to something else!


  17. dn wrote on

    You shouldn’t collect any data on any of us!


  18. George wrote on

    Yes FireFox your a life saver. My online footprint was completely stolen and used to load boot Voli-Tile system 2005 it was completely invisible to all Tech companies. I had to learn research aid development. Now that system is shut down and I’m trying to get into the professional Cyber feild with little to No actuall degree. None of this would be possible with out FireFox and Linux community. Thank you so much.


  19. Alan Lambert wrote on

    I now have an Apple desktop computer. Firefox is not on my need to get list.


  20. Carol wrote on

    What is difference between Firefox and Mozilla and do they have the same privacy protections?


    1. M.J. Kelly wrote on

      People often get it confused, so you are not alone. Mozilla is the organization (not a product), and Firefox is the browser. The privacy protections are built into the Firefox and our other technology products.


  21. john johnson wrote on

    i have stopped using it. just getting 2 slow. runs like junk


  22. David Long wrote on

    IT is ok.


  23. Edward Andrews wrote on

    will this work with google crome ?


  24. Arko wrote on

    Using Firefox is a fantastic experience !! Hats off to the developer team and UI team for the wonderful job


  25. Rabindra Kumar wrote on

    Firefox is a good searching engine. T


  26. Sandra S Rogers wrote on

    I used to have fire fox on my other computer.


  27. Johnny O wrote on

    I too have used Firefox since it was Netscape. It was great to go to web sites to gather information for the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) for old-timers (older than me) who would rather look at the crepe in their coffins than have internet access or a computer in their presence. For the past couple of years, I have found it nearly impossible to print pictures and text of articles that are accepted, by them, as an information aid. I used Chrome a couple of weeks ago to see if I could print the text and pix I wanted for the monthly report. Viola, open, tell it to print, and suddenly the printer is giving me copy for my report.
    So Firefox – Mozilla, what has happened. I have already written and inquiry about this, and the reply is so quiet, it’s drowned out by the ringing I have in my ears from my military service, some 55 years ago. I’d appreciate it if you’d send me an answer by my private e-mail, since I only stumbled on this by the sheerest of accidents. And I am not sure I can find the same trip-wire on the floor or staircase again.
    Johnny O


  28. Nava wrote on



  29. edwin mangalus wrote on

    Thanks Firefox & Mozilla for nice browser you create exellent


  30. edwin mangalus wrote on

    Thank you Firefox Mozilla for the browser you made.. excellent!


  31. jp germi wrote on

    Thank you for protecting our privacy and you are not selling our data like Facebook


  32. Md. Aminul Islam wrote on

    i need family protection of my child


  33. Hank Wade wrote on

    My 48 year old son and his wife seem to be determined to post every action they and their daughter take on Facebook and elsewhere so the world can share with them.

    I prefer my privacy.

    Is this an inter-generational thing..?


  34. Dr. Ismail Hussain wrote on

    It is a wonderful job for the children on the part of Mozilla,because the children are the future property for your family,your region, your province/state, the country and the globe as a whole. Care to be taken for everything.


  35. Alin wrote on

    My email was part of a massive data leach on 7 social platforms. Damn! And I dont even know that, until firefox show me that! Thank you firefox.


  36. Carl wrote on

    If only Firefox ran stable as Chrome on my system I would switch back in a jiffy. I do try new versions once in a while but Firefox seems to be a memory hog on my old system.


  37. Dale wrote on

    it is a shame that use did not have a link so i could post this to facebook on my time line for lots more people can be aware of what is going on so if they chose to use fire fox for the better of things as we all know the government knows too much already .


  38. Aldo wrote on

    Hello employees and staff. I have used Firefox before and well satisfied. I’m not sure what happened. But I lost your browser. I ope all the info i saved is still here. Thank you for your support. …Aldo


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