Interesting reads in January

Most of us have our own blog. As a result this channel has become a little bit quiet, which is sad for the people using this blog to get news about the SpiderMonkey engine. As a result I will try to keep up with the different blogs and aggregate the links here.

CacheIR: A new approach to Inline Caching in Firefox
by Jan de Mooij (jandem)

The past months we have been working on CacheIR, an overhaul of the IC code in SpiderMonkey’s JITs. CacheIR has allowed us to remove thousands of lines of boilerplate and code duplication. It has also made it much easier to add new optimizations. This post describes how CacheIR works, why it’s much better than what we had before, and some plans we have for the future… read further >>

Spidermonkey JIT improvements in FF52
by Hannes Verschore (h4writer)

Last week we signed off our hard work on FF52 and we will start working on FF53. The expected release date of this version is the 6th of March. In the meantime we still have time to stabilize the code and fix issues that we encounter … read further >>

TypedArray or DataView: Understanding byte order
by Martin Splitt

Depending on how you access an ArrayBuffer you get different byte order on the same machine. So long story short: it makes a difference if you use a TypedArray or the setters from a DataView. ArrayBuffer is there to give efficient and fast access to binary data … read further >>

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