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Li Gong is President of the Mozilla Corporation, which is headquartered in Mountain View, California.  Previously he served as COO (Chief Operating Officer), Senior Vice President of Mobile Devices, and President of Asia Operations. In his current role, his primary focus is driving business strategy and product delivery of Firefox OS, Platform Technologies, Mobile Devices, Apps and Marketplace, and Cloud Services. He is also CEO of the Mozilla subsidiary companies in China and Taiwan.

Li started Mozilla China in Beijing in 2007 and Mozilla Taiwan in Taipei in 2011, which has had a central role in the development of Firefox OS. Li is a veteran Mozillan and long-time open source devotee — he set up the (now expired) Mozilla China Foundation in 2005 and served as its founding co-president. He also (long ago) led the team at Sun Microsystems that delivered Netscape and Mozilla Firefox browsers on the Solaris OS platform.

Prior to joining Mozilla, Li was with Microsoft in the role of General Manager of MSN in China, with operations in Beijing and Shanghai. His team worked in many areas across all the services MSN offers — including Messenger, Hotmail, Spaces, Safety, Mobile, Search, Ads platform, and Virtual Earth. He was also a Vice President of the Microsoft China R&D Group. Before Microsoft, he served in a number of senior technical and managerial positions at Sun Microsystems (later acquired by Oracle), starting as Chief Java Security Architect (and responsible for the Java security architecture and product lines in use today across all three major Java platforms) in the then newly formed JavaSoft division in Cupertino, California. He became a Distinguished Engineer and a senior engineering director, and headed engineering for Java Embedded Server (the home networking platform) and JXTA (the P2P platform) in California, and served as the founding chair of the Java Expert Group at OSGi and led the completion of its 1.0 specification. He relocated to Beijing in 2001 to found Sun’s Engineering and Research Institute, where he served as General Manager and grew it from scratch to over 400 engineers. At various points in his career, Li participated (variously as cofounder, investor, and advisor) in a number of startups in the Silicon Valley and in China. He was Venture Partner and Head of China Office for Bessemer Venture Partners.

Born and raised in Beijing, Li obtained BS/MS at Tsinghua University and a PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK, all in computer science. He started his career as a researcher, primarily in the fields of computer systems, networking, and information security. He served as both Program Chair and General Conference Chair for ACM CCS, IEEE S&P, and IEEE CSFW. He was Associate Editor of ACM TISSEC and Associate Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Internet Computing. Before going into industry he worked in the Computer Science Laboraroty at SRI International in Menlo Park, California. He held visiting positions at Cornell and Stanford, and was a Guest Chair Professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Li has 18 issued US patents (2 of which were among the 7 patents that Oracle cited in the lawsuit against Google in August 2010), co-authored 3 books (published by Addison Wesley and O’Reilly), many technical articles, and 5 general articles in the magazine Nature. He received the 1994 Leonard G. Abraham Prize given by the IEEE Communications Society for “the most significant contribution to technical literature in the field of interest of the IEEE.” He was named one of the 2003 China New Economy People by China Internet Weekly and Sina.com, and received the China Open Source Movement Leadership Award in 2003 given by the China Software Industry Association. In 2013 he was named a “China Outstanding Open Source Contributor” by the China Open Source Software Promotion Union, and one of the top 100 managers in China by the Chinese management magazine Manager Today. He was the founding Beijing chapter chair of TEEC (Tsinghua Entreprenuer and Executive Club) until 2007, and is a long-serving member on the Board of Directors of the Tsinghua University Alumni Association.


Mozilla全球总裁 宫力博士

宫力,北京人,清华大学计算机系学士、硕士,英国剑桥大学计算机系博士。2007年创办北京谋智网络(Mozilla China)并担任董事长和CEO。2011年创办Mozilla台湾并兼任CEO。2014年7月起任美国Mozilla总公司总裁。此前曾任Mozilla全球首席运营官,全球移动设备高级副总裁,和亚洲业务总裁,目前除公司管理等职责外,全面负责移动操作系统Firefox OS,网络技术平台,应用及应用市场,以及云服务的商业战略和产品研发。


宫力博士毕业后先在计算机系统、网络和信息安全方面从事研究工作,担任过 ACM CCSIEEE S&P、和IEEE CSFW 的大会程序主席和大会主席,以及ACM TISSEC杂志的编委和IEEE Internet Computing的副主编。宫力博士曾任职位于加州的斯坦福国际研究院,以及美国康奈尔大学和斯坦福大学的访问教授,和北京清华大学的客座教授。宫力博士在研究领域亦硕果累累,拥有18项美国专利(其中两项被Oracle采用于2010年8月对Google的起诉中),出版了3部英文专著,并在国际一级学术杂志和会议上发表过60余篇学术论文,另有5篇评论文章发表在Nature(自然)杂志上。 1994年,宫力博士因杰出贡献获得IEEE每年一度的 Leonard G. Abraham大奖;2003年,被《互联网周刊》和新浪网联合评为“中国新经济人物”,同期被中国软件联合会授予“中国开源运动领袖奖”。2013年获得中国开源软件推进联盟颁发的“中国杰出开源人物”证书,并被《蓝狮子经理人》杂志评为2013年度杰出经理人。2008参与创办清华企业家协会并担任北京分会的创始主席。长期担任清华大学校友总会理事会理事。