Firefox for mobile Bumping Its Version

Firefox for mobile (Fennec) is bumping its version numbering to more closely match desktop releases of Firefox. This means “Firefox 2.0b1 for Android & Maemo” is becoming “Firefox 4.0b1 for Android & Maemo” and will be released as “Firefox 4.0 for Android & N900”. We are aligning mobile Firefox and desktop Firefox since the web rendering engines used in both browsers are the same. Treating them as the same version seemed like the right thing to do.

Any add-ons hosted on (AMO) that are marked as compatible for FennecĀ  2.0b1pre will automatically be bumped to support Fennec 4.0b1pre. If your add-on worked in Fennec 2.0b1pre, it will work fine in Fennec 4.0b1pre.

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  1. dmichelr wrote on :

    Complete trash, this program froze my Droid X in seconds, never loaded anything more than a google search page. This product is not ready to be released, please pull it back and fix it before you start calling it “Beta”, seems more like a “Pre-Alpha”.

    Also, program size is way too bloated for a mobile browser……44MB!! Compare to 11MB for Dolphin Browser HD.

  2. clooney wrote on :

    Thanks for your comment and sorry that you had difficulties. Per our Supported Devices page ( the Droid X is untested, so we appreciate your feedback as we work on improving Firefox 4 Beta and expanding device compatibility. As for the file size, this is definitely a known issue that we’re working on improving for our next release. From the release notes: “Firefox 4 beta 1 requires around 40 MB of internal storage. We have plans to reduce this to 20 MB or less. Like all Android NDK apps, Firefox must copy its native libraries out of the APK file before loading them, so they end up installed twice. We have plans to work around this problem and reduce the installation size (bug 588607).” Thanks!

  3. Sathya wrote on :

    To stay relevant, we need Fennec to adopt a fast release cycle. Opera Mobile is slated to arrive for Android next month with some cool features like pinch to zoom and hard accelerated rendering/navigation. Being a long time Firefox user, I am eager to see Fennec succeed on Android. Anyway, for iPhone, Apple does not let us do much. The Firefox Home iPhone app does not seem to be in wide use. Thanks.

  4. Prudvi wrote on :

    Cool move , but do you guys have any plans of releasing browser for webOS ?

  5. Yash wrote on :


    Will Firefox mobile support bada os, like opera and other mobile browsers support (bada os is new os which is released by samsung for their smart phones.

  6. a2zmobiles wrote on :

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  7. Nahil Fawaz wrote on :

    i have a question about the mozilla Seabird phone, is this a reall phone and is it available now or what…please i need an answer because after seeing that video on youtube i stopped from buying an Iphone 4 cause i wanted this Mozilla seabird instead..thanks

  8. andrew wrote on :

    Needs work for the lg ally. Can’t open fennec and firefox isn’t supported by the lg ally. Fennec goes to a blank screen and then goes back to the home screen. I love firefox but it really needs improvement for lg ally

  9. handyman minneapolis wrote on :

    i like firefox cuz of its add-ons