Popular Mobile Add-ons for Firefox

There are tons of great new innovations in our growing mobile add-ons gallery. We took a handful of our most popular so you could see their features and functionality. Search for and install any of these add-ons from the Add-ons Manager in Firefox for mobile and give ’em a try! Developers: build a compatible mobile add-on for Firefox so we can showcase your add-on as well!

The mobile add-ons featured in this video are: Personas, Phony, Twitter Bar, Home Links and Tapsure. Enjoy!

3 responses

  1. pierre wrote on :

    I can’t watch the video on ff4 mobile beta 13pre on my N900: I hear audio, but video is just black screen and the last image at the end of it

  2. Rachmawaty wrote on :

    still try to download.. let we see what the different..

  3. angie brown wrote on :

    It’s very good to blog and I love this video.