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An interesting use of the try server

I have a patch that’s ready to land.  I wanted to ensure that it compiles on all platforms.  I also wanted to ensure that it passes all tests, but I felt that running all the tests on one of the tier 1 platforms was enough.

There’s no way to specify this combination in a single try server push, but I realized I could do it with two separate pushes.  TryChooser told me that Linux64 was the least-loaded platform, so I did a try run with all the tests on that platform:

try: -b do -p linux64 -u all -t none

And then I did a try run that did builds (but no tests) on all platforms except Linux64:

try: -b do -p linux,macosx64,win32,android,android-armv6,android-noion,ics_armv7a_gecko,panda,otoro,unagi -u none -t none

Interesting.  I wonder if this is a combination that other people have considered.