Firefox for iOS Makes it Faster and Easier to Use the Mobile Web the Way You Want

We’re always focused on making the best Firefox experience we can offer. We want to give you complete control over your web experience, while also making sure to protect your privacy and security the best we can. Today, we’re pleased to share an update to Firefox for iOS that gives you a more streamlined experience and that allows for more control over your mobile browsing experience.

What’s New in Firefox for iOS?

iOS Today Widget: We know that getting to what you need on the Web fast is important, especially on your mobile, so you can access Firefox through the iOS Today widget to quickly open a new tab, a new private tab or a recently copied URL.

Today Widget

iOS Today Widget in Firefox for iOS

Awesome bar: Firefox for iOS allows you to search your bookmarks and history within the smart URL bar, making it easier to quickly access your favourite websites.

Search bookmarks

Search bookmarks in Firefox for iOS

Manage Security: By default, Firefox helps to ensure your security by warning you when a website’s connection is not secure. When you attempt to access an unsafe website, you’ll see an error message stating that the connection is untrusted, and you are prevented from accessing that site. With iOS, you can now temporarily ignore these error messages for websites you have deemed as “safe”, but that might register as potentially unsafe by Firefox.

SSL Certificate

Over-ride certificate errors in Firefox for iOS

To experience the newest features and use the latest version of Firefox for iOS, download the update and let us know what you think.

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