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Pocket Offers New Features to Help People Read, Watch and Listen across iOS, Android and Web

We know that when you save something to Pocket, there is a reason why. You are saving something you want to learn about, something that fascinates you, something that will help shape and change you. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make Pocket a dedicated, quiet place to focus so that you can come back and absorb what you save when you are ready.

The trick is, in the reality of our lives, it’s not always that simple. Our lives don’t always have a quiet moment with a coffee cup in hand with Pocket in the other. We have work to do, kids to take care of, school to attend. But with Pocket we’ve always worked hard to ensure that Pocket gives you tools to fit content around your life, freeing you from the moment of distraction and putting you in control.

Today, we’re excited to share a new Pocket, that makes it easier than ever to read, watch, listen to all that you’ve saved across all of the ways you use it: iOS, Android and Web.

Listen: A new way to read


You can listen to content you’ve saved from favourite publishers from all across the web—all from Pocket. Your Pocket list just became your own personal podcast, curated by you. Our new listen feature frees the content you’ve saved to fit into your busy life. It enables you to absorb articles whenever and wherever, whether you are driving, or walking, working out, cooking, or on the train.

With the latest version of listen on iOS and Android, we’re introducing a more human sounding voice, powered by Amazon Polly, and the ability to play through your list easily and hands free. To start listening, simply open Pocket and tap the new listen icon in the top left corner.

A new Pocket, just for you


With Pocket’s app, we’ve intended it to be a different space from anything else on your device.  It’s intentionally an uncluttered and distraction free environment, built with care so you can really read.

We’ve doubled down on this with a new fresh design, tailored to let you focus, tune out the world and tune into your interests. When you open Pocket, you’ll see a Pocket that’s been redesigned top to bottom. We’ve created a new, clean, clutter free article view to help you absorb and focus. Introduced new app wide dark and sepia themes to make reading comfortable, no matter what time of day it is. And updated fonts and typography to make long reads more comfortable.

“At Mozilla, we love the web. Sometimes we want to surf, and the Firefox team has been working on ways to surf like an absolute champ with features like Firefox Advance,” said Mark Mayo, Chief Product Officer, Firefox. “Sometimes, though, we want to settle down and read or listen to a few great pages. That’s where Pocket shines, and the new Pocket makes it even easier to enjoy the best of the web when you’re on the go in your own focused and uncluttered space. I love it.”

Working hard for you

We’re excited to get Pocket 7.0 into your hands today. You can get the latest Pocket on Google Play, App Store, and by joining our Web Beta.

As always, we want to hear from you – let us know what you think.