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Mozilla at Sheffield Hallam

On Wednesday 14th December, Mark Goodwin from Mozilla’s Infrastructure Security team will be presenting a guest lecture on web and application security at Sheffield Hallam University.

The talk explores how a system is viewed by an attacker and how adopting the attackers’ mindset can be useful in improving the security of what we build.

If you’d like to attend, head to the Adsetts Learning Centre (room 6619) on Sheffield Hallam University’s City Campus in time for a 5pm start.

4 comments on “Mozilla at Sheffield Hallam”

  1. Paul Booker wrote on

    Will the lecture be recorded?


    Paul Booker

    1. yboily wrote on

      Hi Paul, it might be; this post will get updated with a link to the recording if/when it becomes available.

  2. David Day wrote on

    Sorry that was meant to say, just noticed the room number is missing its in room 6619 of Adsetts

    1. yboily wrote on

      Thanks David, the post is updated with the address now!