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Firefox AddressSanitizer builds have been moved

This is a short announcement for all security researchers working on Firefox that use our pre-built AddressSanitzer (ASan) builds. Until recently, you could download these ASan builds from our FTP … Read more

Tighter Control Over Your Referrers

The purpose of the HTTP Referer (sic) header is to help sites figure out where their traffic comes from. However, as the Web got more complex, the amount of information … Read more

RSA Signature Forgery in NSS

Issue A flaw in the Network Security Services (NSS) library used by Firefox and other products allows attackers to create forged RSA certificates. Mozilla has released updates to fix this … Read more

Public key pinning released in Firefox

Firefox now supports built-in public key pins, which means that a shortened list of acceptable certificate authorities (CAs) for participating sites is built into Firefox. In this first stage of … Read more

Introducing Mozilla Winter of Security 2014

At Mozilla, we have a loosely formed group called Security Automation, where people who build security tools can meet, exchange ideas, and show their work. We build projects around applications … Read more

Update on Plugin Activation

To provide a better and safer experience on the Web, we have been working to move Firefox away from plugins. After much testing and iteration, we determined that Firefox would … Read more

Rebooting Security Engagement at Mozilla

We recently announced a reboot of our efforts to engage with security contributors at Mozilla. Today our strongest and most lasting contributor relationships are with individuals searching for bug bounties. … Read more

DigiNotar Removal Follow Up

Earlier this week we revoked our trust in the DigiNotar certificate authority from all Mozilla software. This is not a temporary suspension, it is a complete removal from our trusted … Read more