Lightning Development Channel for Thunderbird Betas

Did you know there’s a Lightning Beta available on the developer channel on AMO for Thunderbird Betas?

No? Well there is.

If you’re running, or wanting to run Thunderbird Beta builds and you want Lightning as well, then head over to the Lightning page on AMO and scroll down to the bottom – you’ll see the Development Channel which is what you want to download and install into your Thunderbird Beta.

Once you’ve done that, updates are automatic. Whenever a new Lightning Beta build is out you’ll get it. No more needing to download special builds.

The Lightning folks are working to ensure that whenever a new beta version of Thunderbird is released, there will be a Lightning Beta compatible with it.

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2 Responses to Lightning Development Channel for Thunderbird Betas

  1. Adil Allawi says:

    That is great – but will the developers be able to do the same for the Provider for Google Calendar Add-on? Otherwise beta channel users will still have to check for special builds.

    • standard8 says:

      The version of the Google Calendar provider that is on AMO should work for beta builds as well. However, its a fair point if you want to use the beta version of the provider as well. I’ll bring it up with the Lightning folks.

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