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Firefox Hello Desktop: Behind the Scenes – Flux and React

This is the first of a few posts that I’m planning regarding discussion about how we implement and work on the desktop and standalone parts of Firefox Hello. We’ve been doing some things in different ways, which we have found … Continue reading

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Removed Thunderbird release symlinks for dead branches on FTP

Since the Thunderbird 2.0 days we’ve had “latest-X.Y” symlinks on FTP for all major versions of Thunderbird. With rapid release, this has quickly caused an explosion in the number of them, cluttering things up (as Firefox have already realised and … Continue reading

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Lightning Development Channel for Thunderbird Betas

Did you know there’s a Lightning Beta available on the developer channel on AMO for Thunderbird Betas? No? Well there is. If you’re running, or wanting to run Thunderbird Beta builds and you want Lightning as well, then head over … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new blog

If you’ve just found this blog from my old blog, welcome to the new location. Otherwise, just welcome! I’d decided to move my blog, as I was expecting to loose my old one during some changes to my broadband accounts. … Continue reading

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