Firefox for Mobile – Type Less, Browse More

There are two great new features in Firefox for mobile to tell you about this month. Just make sure you’ve got the latest version to take advantage of them.

The first is Master Password Support, which lets you encrypt saved usernames and passwords for better security. It also means you only have to remember one password yourself. That’s especially helpful if you’re the kind of person always looking for their keys (by the way, do you know where they are right now?) You’ll find the “Use Master Password” checkbox under Preferences.

You can now also bookmark any website and add it to your Android Home Screen. From there, you can access it with just one click. We think that’s going to come in handy in lots of ways, especially with shopping season on its way (in a big way). Combined with Sync, search, security and tabs, you’ve got a powerful little shopping tool in your hands. And with great power comes great savings. Or something.