6 New Year’s Resolutions to Keep with Firefox Add-Ons

What are your resolutions for 2012? Ours are to keep putting you and the good of the Web first. So whether you’re looking to lose weight or stay out of debt, we want to help! (You weren’t thinking of giving up already, were you?)

We wish we could send you a cute red panda to give you a stern look every time you reach for a cookie, but here are a few fantastic add-ons to help you with your goals instead:

Things to Start:

  • Saving Money — Stopping for takeout four times a week can be pricey. If you’d rather opt for home-cooked meals, Grocery List Generator will make sure you don’t forget to pick up that crucial ingredient.
  • Traveling — You’ve talked about going on a trip so often that it almost feels like you’ve already done it. Get yourself on the road (for real) with TravelScout’s convenient deals and price comparisons.
  • Learning a New Language (kinda) — Maybe you don’t have time to learn an entire new language this year, but this is almost as good! Use Im Translator to translate foreign language websites and emails into your language.

Things to Stop:

  • Overeating — Kick your holiday gorging habit with the Calorie Count Toolbar, which logs your caloric intake throughout the day.
  • Stressing Out — We know you’re busy, but taking a few minutes every hour to stretch and look at something other than a computer screen will do wonders for your stress levels (not to mention your joints). Try out StretchClock for useful reminders!
  • Smoking — Ready to put down those cigarettes for good? Try using Quitomzilla for incentives right in your browser.

And if your plans fall through despite all of this awesome motivation, don’t worry, we’re not here to judge. Cheer yourself up with a new Persona!