Making Android Awesome With the Awesome Screen

Firefox for Mobile & TabletsYou already know that Firefox for Android is optimized for the way you browse on tablets. And if you don’t, well, then now you do! Now we want to tell you about one of our favorite features: the Awesome Screen. Here are a few ways it can make browsing on Android more awesome:

Type less, browse more

It’s not just awesome. It’s smart, too. It gets to know you, your browsing habits and the sites you visit most so it can offer up a smart list of websites when you search.

Sync it up

It’s basically your starting place for everything. If you’re using Firefox Sync, this is where you’ll be able to access your history, bookmarks and even tabs from all your other devices.

Use both hands

Browsing on tablets is different than browsing on your phone. So now it’s redesigned for two-handed browsing, making it more comfortable and intuitive.

Download the latest version of Firefox for Android now. And if you love Firefox on your tablet, rate us in the Android Market!