Clean Up Firefox Extensions in 5 Minutes

Got five minutes? It’s not a large amount of time, but it’s just the right time to click a few buttons and perform a few easy Firefox steps that will enhance your Web browsing. For example, if you have five minutes, you could clean up your Firefox extensions. If you have extensions you’re not using, they can slow down your browser performance, so let’s speed things up, shall we?

Go to Tools -> Add-ons, and select the “Extensions” tab. Here you’ll find all of the extensions that you’ve added to Firefox.

Scroll through your list of extensions and Add-ons – we bet you have some that you didn’t even remember were there. If you see one that you’re not using regularly, go ahead and click the Disable button. This won’t remove the Add-on, it’ll just stop it loading up when you start Firefox. You can always re-enable it if you decide you need it back.

If there are some extensions that you either disabled in the past, or were really confused when you downloaded them because you’ll never use them, go ahead and remove them. Simply click the Uninstall button.

Now, restart Firefox. And, you’re done. You did something productive with those five minutes – yay!