Remove a Single Website from Your Firefox History

We’ve all done it: typed Goggle when we want Google; or Funny Cars when we meant Funny Cats. Now, that misspelled or mistyped site loads every time we type it in the URL bar. And we click on it before we realize what we’re doing. It’s so annoying, right?

It’s time to take back your browsing, take back your frustration and get rid of that site in your history — all in less than five minutes.

Go to your Firefox Menu and select History > Show All History. You can look for the URL by when you visited it (today, yesterday, etc.) or simply search by typing the name in the upper right search bar.

Once you’ve located the URL, you can control click (or right click with your mouse) to open your options. Select “Forget This Site” to delete it from your history once and for all. Then you can close that window and forget all about that site.

Until you mistype it again. At least you’ll know how to fix it right away!