3 Reasons to Try the Updated Firefox for Android

We’ve recently made some big — BIG — changes to Firefox for Android. If you’ve never used Firefox on your Android phone, now’s the time to give it a try. If you’re an avid Firefox fan (and we thank you for that), you’ll want to head right over and download this latest update. And if you tried it before, but for some reason moved away from it, this update is definitely worth another look. Here are four reasons why:

1. It’s really fast. We’d like to say it’s faster than a speeding bullet, but we’re not sure how fast that is. What we do know is that Firefox for Android not only starts up quickly, but pages load faster than you can say “I love the Web!” We’ve also improved memory usage and made the mobile browser more responsive to your needs.

2. It’s secure. This version of Firefox for Android includes features like Do Not Track, allowing you to tell mobile sites that you don’t want them tracking you online. Plus, Mozilla doesn’t collect data on who you are or what you do online. Just like Firefox on your desktop or laptop, our Android browser champions user choice, security and privacy.

3. It still has the mobile-friendly features you’ve come to expect. For example, we all know what a pain it can be to type on mobile devices. That’s why we made the Awesome Screen. It gets to know you as you browse and offers a smart list of shortcuts to your favorite sites, bookmarked pages and tabs. You can also bring those sites with you from your desktop or laptop by using Sync to connect to your mobile. For example, you can research online reviews for a product at home and have those same sites open on your mobile when you get to the store!

So head on over to the Google Play Store on your phone (or visit this page for more info) and download Firefox for Android for free!