Save Space, Time and Money with Firefox

Who doesn’t like to save — on anything? There are lots of ways Firefox can help you save space, save time and save money. Here are just a few.

Firefox helps you save space:

1. Want to get some of your computer screen back? Go to View > Toolbar > Customize and at the bottom of that window, click the box that says “Use Small Icons.” (There’s also a restore button there if you want the old icons back.)

2. Do you have an itty-bitty screen? Or do you want to watch that video using all the screen space possible? To view Firefox or a website full screen (hiding all of the toolbars), click the Firefox button and then “View Full Screen” (Windows XP and Mac: View > Full Screen). To get it back, move the pointer to the top of the screen, right-click on an empty section of the tab strip and click “Exit Full Screen Mode” (or the full-screen symbol on a Mac).

Firefox helps you save time:

1. You can shave seconds off your browsing time by using keyboard shortcuts. These differ depending on your operating system, but you can find a full list right here.

2. Keep your favorite sites only a click away by “pinning” them to your browser as an App Tab. Go to your most-used site, right-click on the tab for that site and from the menu, select “Pin as App Tab.” You’ll see that site as a small tab on the left side of your browser — ready for you to click quickly and whenever you need it!

Firefox helps you save money:

1. There are thousands of Firefox Add-ons available — little pieces of software to install that allow you to customize your browser. Quite a few of these add-ons are dedicated to helping you find the best price for the best items when shopping online. Check out the shopping collection to save yourself a few bucks.