Firefox for Android Gets Faster, Safer

Faster. Safer. Those are two things everyone wants their mobile browser to be. With each update to Firefox for Android, you get a faster, safer (and smarter!) mobile Web experience, but we just added two new features that take it to a whole new level. Now, there are even more reasons to love Firefox for Android.

Do you love to get to what you want on the mobile Web, faster? Done.

With our new Search Suggestions, Firefox for Android analyzes what you’re typing and suggests terms you may be searching for. That makes navigating a whole lot easier and faster. Yay! This used to be a feature you had to seek out and enable, but now, it’s enabled by default (but you can always turn it off.) Read more on how to manage this feature.

Do you love to get what you want on the mobile Web, safer? Done.

To protect you from malicious websites, Firefox for Android gives a warning when you stumble upon websites that may have ulterior motives, like malware or phishing. With the improved Phishing and Malware Protection feature, allows you to decide not to go any further before loading a potentially malicious website. Read more about this feature here.

So if you’re currently a Firefox for Android fan, you have more reasons to love it. If you’re not on Firefox for Android, head to the Google Play store to get it today!