Featured Firefox Add-on: Image Block

Add-ons are those helpful little pieces of code that add bells and whistles to your Firefox. Each month, our community of volunteers helps us choose the ones that we feature for our fans.

One of the chosen add-ons is called Image Block.  This add-on gives you a toggle button in your Firefox browser ‘s navigation toolbar that allows you to either block or allow images to load on Web pages.

Sometimes, Web sites have a lot of images to load, and it slows down your browsing. Blocking them might speed things up and save you time, especially on slower connections.

Other times, you may not be sure what you’re about to see when you load a page. Maybe there are questionable ads, but good content. Another perfect time to use Image Block.

The reviewers are fond of this add-on, giving it 4 stars. Over 18,000 users can’t be wrong!

Whenever you download an add-on, it helps to know how to install them and troubleshoot if you run into any problems. Our support team has put together this handy guide for just that.