Private Browsing: Moved and Improved

In a recent blog post, we told you about an enhancement to our Private Browsing feature in the latest version of Firefox for desktop. You can now open a new private window without interrupting your current browsing session.

When we enhanced the Private Browsing experience, we also moved the functionality to the File menu. Just select “New Private Window” from there to give it a try.

(In past versions of Firefox, you’d open a Private Browsing session under Tools. There are more specifics for your computer in this Support article.)

That means that all menu items related to opening a new window or tab are now grouped together under your File menu. We did this to make things easier for you to find.

If you’d rather use a shortcut, we’ve added one for you: Simply right-click any link and select “Open in a New Private Window.”

Go ahead, give it a spin!