Firefox for Android: More Features on More Phones

If you’ve been waiting to try Firefox for Android, but your device wasn’t supported, you may want to check the list again. With the latest update, Firefox for Android is now supported on 15 million more phones (that’s a lot!) This includes popular phones like LG Optimus One, T-Mobile myTouch 3G slide, HTC Wildfire S and ZTE R750 to name a few.

If you’re a long-time Firefox for Android fan, you may notice something missing. Some have been asking us “Where did the quit button go?” For the latest versions, the quit button was removed to meet the guidelines for apps on the Google Play store. But never fear! There’s a way to get that quit button back. Here are the instructions for adding the quit button.

There are some new features to tell you about as well.

  • Per-tab private browsing: Private Browsing helps you control your personal data by letting you to browse the Web without saving any information about which sites and pages you’ve visited. With the latest enhancements to Firefox for Android, this (much-requested) feature allows you to switch between private and standard tabs within the same mobile browsing session, just like on your desktop. Private browsing data will not show up in your AwesomeBar History or Awesome Screen shortcuts. Learn more about Private browsing on Firefox for Android.

  • Customizable shortcuts on the home screen: Now, you can customize the shortcut images on the home screen with your favorite or most frequently visited sites so they are only a click away. Tap and hold your top sites, tap “pin,” and you’re ready to go. Learn more about customizing Firefox for Android.

If you love Firefox for Android, tell your friends by giving it a 5-star rating in the Google Play Store. That’s also where you can download Firefox for Android for free!