5 Ways to Spread the Word About Firefox OS

Today, we’re excited to announce that Firefox OS smartphones will launch this month in select markets. We are taking the open Web beyond the browser into mobile operating systems, breaking down the walls that lock people into proprietary platforms.

Even if it’s not available for you yet, you can help us celebrate and generate excitement! Here’s how:

1. Tell everyone the news! Post on your social networks, tell your family, tell your friends, tell your next door neighbor — even tell complete strangers! Remember to use the #FirefoxOS hashtag when posting so those who are interested can easily follow the conversation. And you can always direct people to facebook.com/firefox and twitter.com/firefox for the latest and greatest information and fun stuff!

2. Paint social media blue! Change your social media avatars to show your support of Firefox OS — and tell others to do the same! Download the image to use here or right click on the image below to save to your desktop.

Social Media Avater

3. Post on social media at one time with many voices! Join Firefox fans from around the globe in a simultaneous Tweet or Facebook status update celebrating the launch of Firefox OS. Sign up here.

4. Add a Firefox OS Affiliate button to your blog or website! Help tell the world about Firefox OS by posting a Firefox OS Affiliate button on your blog or website. Sign up to become an affiliate at http://www.affiliates.mozilla.org and grab your button code (in your language!)


5. Become a Mobilizer! Mobilizers are Firefox fans who want to help spread the word about Firefox OS. Mobilizers receive periodic missions asking them to do a simple action to teach others about Firefox OS. Mobilizers can also attend, assist or host events in their region.

We are currently recruiting Mobilizer teams for Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Poland, Mexico and Brazil. If we are not currently recruiting Mobilizers in your country, please stayed tuned for more Mobilizer teams starting soon around the world. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobilizers

Let’s tell the world about Firefox OS!