Creating Screenshots With Firefox

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you can understand why you might want to take a screenshot of something online.

Did someone post a quote on your social network that you want to save? Are you having an issue with a Web page and want to take a picture to share with the support team? Are you preparing a presentation and you need examples of Web pages to include? Screenshots, screenshots, screenshots!

This Support article details how you can take a screenshot from your computer. But Firefox also features some great add-ons – those little pieces of software that add functionality to your browser – that make the screenshot process even easier (and let’s you do more with your screenshots!)

The screenshot add-on of choice for this writer is Awesome Screenshot Plus. Why? Well, you can choose to capture a whole Web page or just a chosen section of it, and then you can add to the screenshot with shapes, text and more. Plus, the add-on makes that screenshot image easy to share when you’re done. All this with easy access from a little icon in the upper right corner of your browser!

Check out the full list of screenshot add-ons for more options!