CeBIT 09: Getting involved into the Mozilla Project @ the OpenSource Forum

March 7th, 2009 by cbook

CeBIT is still very awesome and i think we do a great job!

Saturday will be a great day, we expect a lot more users and are happy to answer all the Questions about Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird !

Tim Reily will also speak at the OpenSource Forum about “Getting involved into the Mozilla Project”. You can also watch this Session via a live-stream!


Saturday March 7th at 2:30pm


Mozilla will describe how you can have impact on improving the web, and contributing to a better browser experience for 230 Million browser users around the world.
Sharing the core values of the Mozilla project and why people participate, Mozilla will explain how you can get involved in a wide variety of ways; including non-programming areas. Find out about projects which are looking for help.

There will be also a live stream available here:

Don’t miss this Talk !

– Tomcat

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