EU Intercommunity Meetup 2009

June 23rd, 2009 by cbook


about a week ago (12-14 June) Community Member from Spain/Germany/Italy/France and Denmark + 5 Mozilla Employees got together in Geneva/Swiss to talk about Status of Localization-Teams, QA, SUMO and a lot of other topics.


In my talks i talked about QA and L10n and about the MozillaMeetups.

I got very great feedback from the L10n Teams about what we can improve in the Tools (like litmus) and whats on the L10n Wishlist, like a QA Dashboard. I think that a lot of the things we discussed during the Meeting will result in improvements to make the QA work for our L10n Teams easier.

I was very impressed about the Session where the L10n Teams and our Community really rocks !

Also Big Thanks to William for organizing this Event !

– Tomcat

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