Open Source Meetup in Munich- Feb 26 – with Kev Needham and Chris Hofmann

February 11th, 2010 by cbook


Feb. 26 at about 6pm starts the next Open Source Meetup in Munich at the Cafe-Netzwerk.

We are happy to announce Special Guests this time – because Kev Needham and Chris Hofmann will join us !

Kev will give a Presentation about Build your own Browser (

“To date, only a small number of organizations distribute customized versions of Firefox. Build Your Own Browser is a pilot application intended to simplify the process of creating a customized Mozilla browser (including Firefox) for distribution. During his talk, Kev Needham will provide an overview of browsercustomization and BYOB, why Mozilla thinks it’s an important tool for the community, and what it will evolve into in the coming months.”

– and Chris will talk about “The future of innovation in the browser”  — Studies, experiments, prototypes, and projects going on a” – Thanks to the release of Firefox and it’s increasing marketshare over the last 5 years competition in the browser market is alive and well with Microsoft, Google, Apple,  and Opera producing new releases at more rapid rates.  Where will browsers go next.  The talk will explore Mozilla’s approach to research and innovating the browser and how you can participate in shaping the browser of the future. Current labs research projects including Weave, Jetpack, Test Pilot and a variety of others will be explored.

There will be also time for discussions and talks after this presentations !

When you are interested in joining us in Munich, feel free to sent me a mail

See you in Munich !

– Tomcat

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