Mozilla @ CeBIT 2010!

February 23rd, 2010 by cbook

Also this year Mozilla has a booth at the world largest Computer Expo.
Mozilla’s booth will be in the CeBIT Open Source Area – Open Source Project Lounge – Hall 2 Booth F 34. Mozilla is sponsoring the Open Source Project Lounge.

During CeBIT 2010 Mozilla Staff and Community Members will be there to answer all Questions around the Mozilla Universe with as example, Mozilla Labs (Testpilot/Jetpack), Build your own Browser ( and of course Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox.

Also Mozilla takes part with daily sessions in the Open Source Forum (Location: Hall 2, Stand F38) :

Tuesday 02.03.2010, 13:00-13:45 o’clock
: Patrick Finch (Mozilla Marketing Europe) – “Why Firefox” – This session will cover some of the key design decisions in Firefox, from interface innovation to customisability, and answers the question, “Why Firefox?”

Wednesday 03.03.2010, 11:30-12:15 o’clock : Kevin Needham (Mozilla Channel I/O) – “Customizing Firefox with Build Your Own Browser” – Build Your Own Browser is a pilot application intended to simplify the process of creating a customized Mozilla browser (including Firefox) for distribution. During his talk, Kev Needham will provide an overview of browser customization and BYOB, why Mozilla thinks it’s an important tool for the community, and what it will evolve into in the coming months.

Thursday 04.03.2010, 12:30-13:15 o’clock : Chris Hofmann (Mozilla Director Special Projects) – ” The future of innovation in the browser – Studies, experiments, prototypes, and projects going on a” – The talk will explore Mozilla’s approach to research and innovating the browser and how you can participate in shaping the browser of the future. Current labs research projects including Weave, Jetpack, Test Pilot and a variety of others will be explored.

Friday 05.03.2010, 13:45-14:30 o’clock : Chris Hofmann (Mozilla Director Special Projects) – ” Mozilla: Making a difference in Germany” – Firefox has experienced another amazing year of marketshare growth around the world, and in particular Germany is one country that is leading this continued growth. We will review some of the numbers, explore what’s is behind this amazing growth, and how you can participate in helping to build a better browser and making the web better.

Saturday 06.03.2010, 09:15-10:00 o’clock : Carsten Book (Mozilla Software Engineer) – ” Getting involved in the Mozilla project” – Getting involved in the Mozilla project is much more than coding lines of code. There are many other areas where people can contribute to the project, like support, localization, QA, marketing, and much more !

See you at the CeBIT 2010 !

– Tomcat

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