Open-Source-Meetup in Munich – March 26 !

March 22nd, 2010 by cbook


this Friday (March 26) will be the next Open Source Meetup in Munich at Cafe-Netzwerk !

This time we will have this 4 interesting talks:

Freitag, der 26. März

  • Bernhard Fröhlich: “Die CAcert Community – Wer, was, wo?”
  • Albrecht Günther über PHProjekt
  • Florian Effenberger: “Was braucht man für einen Krimi? Oder: kämpft gegen Abofallen”
  • Carsten Book (thats me 🙂 : “Customizing Firefox with Build Your Own Browser”

There will be also time for discussions and talks after this presentations !

When you are interested in joining us in Munich, feel free to sent me a mail

See you in Munich !

– Tomcat

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