The BYOB (Build your own Browser) Project !

April 30th, 2010 by cbook

A few months ago we started a new Project called BYOB (Build Your Own Browser) and the Website.

It’s not a finished project yet (we still working on fixing bugs and implement new features), which is why we’d like YOU to try BYOB out and send us comments/give us Feedback !

BYOB Main Page

The Build Your Own Browser (BYOB) application generates installer files for a lightly customized version of Firefox that can be publicly distributed. These customized versions of Firefox are licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL), and the installer files and their contents are subject to the restrictions outlined in the Mozilla Trademark Policy

-Customizations you can make with BYOB include:
-a browser skin/theme using a bundled Persona
-pre-populated bookmarks and RSS feeds
-links to a Collection of your recommended add-ons
-multiple locales for Windows, OSX, and Linux

Of course more Features will be implement in the Future !

Also BYOB is not limited to a specific Usergroup like as example Companies. You can create as example a BYOB Build for your local Sportsteam with links to the Team, Team-Forum. As example we think of creating such a BYOB Version for the Mozilla QA Group with helpful links to get started into QA and contributing to the Mozilla Project !

All you need to create a customized version of Firefox is a registration at the Website. After you created a Build with BYOB the changes you made will be reviewed and if they match with our Distribution and Generation rules and pass the review, the Installer Files will be generated and Installer Files will be available for download from your BYOB profile. Of course you will be informed about all progress via Email !

We need your Help !

As i mentioned the BYOB Project is fairly new and not finished yet and we work on a lot of new cool stuff – but we also depend on your Feedback! When you are using BYOB (and we hope you try it out 🙂  we would like to hear from you about YOUR experience with BYOB, what went well or not so well ? Ideas / Suggestions ? You can reach us via the „contact us“ link on every page.


I’m personal very happy to work as QA-Lead part on the BYOB Project and i think its a very interesting and great Project.
And of course the BYOB Project would not be possible without a lot of people working hard to make the Project possible, work on new features, building websites etc. Some of the awesome Crew Members of the BYOB Team are: Kev Needham as the Project Lead, Les Orchard and Neil Lee and Chris Howse the Webdev Wizzards and Chris Cooper from Release Engineering and David Rolnitzky from the Marketing Team and many more !

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