Introduction of the nightly-testers list!

August 15th, 2010 by cbook

Testing of Firefox nightly builds is a very important QA task and helps us track down regression bugs early. This is essential to ensuring quality releases of Firefox and we are very thankful for your work (testing, filing bugs, checking regression ranges). Our Firefox Community rocks!

To assist you better with nightly build testing and to inform you about current focus areas where Mozilla QA is working on (for example important landings of current features) we have created a new mailing list:

Please sign up for this mailing list if you are interested in hearing about the latest details on nightly Firefox build testing.



19 Responses to “Introduction of the nightly-testers list!”

  1. Mook Says:

    Is there a NNTP gateway for this list? (I imagine getting through the bureaucracy takes a while.)

    Is there a publicly viewable archive? (It’s currently closed.)

    What sorts of things will be going into this list? I use nightlies but don’t actively engage in QA, would I be interested in this list?

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