Help Testing OpenGL on Trunk Nighty Builds

October 4th, 2010 by cbook


As of last week we have turned on OpenGL for Mac Trunk Nightly Builds.

We are very interested in your Feedback on current Mac Trunk Builds especially in Feedback about:
-> Plugins – any problems when scrolling? Switching tabs? Performance problems?
-> Performance in general. Is your Mac Nightly Trunk Build significantly faster on certain pages? Significantly slower? How’s scrolling speed?
-> Do you notice any drawing problems on any sites? If so, which Sites?

If you want to find out if issues are related to OpenGL or not, you can disable OpenGL when you set the about:config preference:


to false. (Or simply uncheck “[ ] Use hardware acceleration when available” under Preferences -> Advanced ->)

Also, if you have filed already Bugs for Problems since we turned on OpenGL on Mac Trunk Nightly Builds, could you tell us the Bug Numbers?

Your Feedback help us to make Firefox better and is very valuable also for the Firefox 4 Beta Cycles! Also when you are interested, please join our Nightly-Tester List!


– Tomcat

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