The past, Current and future

October 10th, 2014 by cbook

– The past –
I’m now about a year member of the A-Team (Automation and Tools Team) and also Fulltime Sheriff.

It was the end of a lot of changes personal and job wise. I moved from the Alps to the Munich Area to the City of Freising and (and NO i was not at the Beer Oktoberfest 😉 and working as Fulltime Sheriff after my QA/Partner Build and Releng Duties.

Its awesome to be part of the Sheriff Team and was also awesome to get so much help from the Team like from Ed, Wes and Ryan to get started.

At one time i took over the Sheriff-Duty for my European Timezone and it was quite challenging having the responsible for all the Code Trees with Backouts etc and also later checkin-neededs 🙂 What i really like as Sheriff is the work across the different Divisions at Mozilla and its exciting to work as Mozilla Sheriff too 🙂

One of main contribution beside getting started was helping creating some How-To Articles at . I hope that will help also others to get involved into sheriffing.

– Current –

We just switched over to use Treeherder as new tool for Sheriffing.

Its quite new and so it feels (as everything like a new car there are this questions like how i do things i used to do in my old car etc) and there are still some bugs and things we can improve but we will get there. Also its a ideal time for getting involved into sheriffing like with hammering on Treeherder.

and that leads into ….:)

– The Future is You – !

As every Open Source Project Mozilla is heavily depended on Community Members like you and there is even the oppourtunity beside all the other Areas at Mozilla to work as Community Sheriff.So let us know if you want to be involved as Community-Sheriff. You are always welcome. You can find us in the #ateam Channel on

For myself i’m planning to work beside my other tasks more in Community Building like blogging about Sheriffing and also taking more part in the Open Source Meetings in Munich.

– Tomcat

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