Crash Stats updated with Flot

Austin King

As we headed closer and closer to Día de Muertos, do you ask “where can I mingle with the dead (processes)”? Why at Mozilla’s crash reporter tool, you’ll find Firefoxen, SeaMonkeys, and Thunderbirds who have crossed over and yet still linger…

Last week we updated the plotting library we use for graphs to use Flot and we fixed a handful of Socorro webapp bugs. Flot is a good choice where we have simple graphs to display. Below are two graphs from the crash report listing page: An new crashes by OS bar chart for production builds, and an updated crash by build, for development builds.

Also using Flot, we’ve revamped the server status page, so that we can see the health of the Socorro system. Socorro is one half to it’s sibling Breakpad which, together, provides an Open Source client and server crash reporting system. Let’s see if crash-stats is happy…

This graph is powered by a new cron job which checks the server status based on several statistics related to processing crash reports. Another cron job we’ve worked on is topcrashers.

In coming weeks we’ll be bring new life to the crash reporter web app and improving this unique and important part of how the Mozilla dev and qa teams work. We will be focusing on making it easier to use by providing new reports, easier navigation, and better visibility into crashes. What do you want to see in your crash reporting tool?