Webdev is a loosely affiliated group of developers across Mozilla and the Mozilla community who make web sites and services. We make the inter tubes happen by working on servers, clients and services. Do you make a web site? Then join us.


  • Michael Kelly 50 posts

    Michael Kelly is a developer on the Web Engineering team at Mozilla. He works on tools that help engineers get things done. He also helps run a lot of the Webdev group activities!

  • Mike Morgan 48 posts

    Mike Morgan is the former Director of Web Development for the Mozilla Corporation.

  • Andy McKay 24 posts

    Andy is an Engineering Manager at Mozilla. As a Canadian he tweets and blogs about curling, skiing, politics, maple syrup, bears and all things from the great white north.

  • Ryan Doherty 15 posts

    Foodie, wino, frontend performance and Personas.

  • Fred Wenzel 15 posts

    Fred is the former web development manager of Mozilla's Developer Ecosystem team. He likes to solve tricky problems, is an Open Source geek, and brings German Engineering to the webdev crowd. Fred spends his spare time on the hunt for great food and real Italian espresso.

  • Wil Clouser 15 posts

    Wil solves problems on addons.mozilla.org. He's interested in security, scalability, and localization.

  • James Socol 14 posts

    James Socol leads the Community Platforms group, which encompasses the Support, MDN, and Community Tools teams. He lives in New York, talks about deployment a lot, and sometimes takes pictures.

  • Austin King 13 posts

    aka Ozten is a Seattle-based programmer working with the Identity team.

  • Laura Thomson 10 posts

    Laura Thomson leads the Socorro project. She is Webtools Engineering Manager, and has been at Mozilla since 2007.

  • Erik Rose 8 posts

    Erik Rose coordinates the impact of 108 spring-loaded buttons at Mozilla, venting a byproduct of static analysis, search, and pattern-finding software. His past selves have done realtime fuzzy matching against the corpus of U.S. voters at Votizen, caused the Django community's tests to run in funny orders, written a book about Zope and Plone, and released a bevy of eclectic Python libraries. When not speaking or coding, Erik retreats to his glacier-carved fortress in the wilds of North Carolina, where he discusses formal language theory with his dog, Max.

  • Matthew Riley MacPherson 7 posts

    Matthew Riley MacPherson (aka tofumatt) is a Rubyist living in a Pythonista's world. He's from Canada, so you'll find lots of odd spelling (like "colour" or "labour") in his writing. He has a serious penchant for pretty code, excellent coffee, and very fast motorcycles. Check out his code on GitHub or talk to him about motorcycles on Twitter.

  • Peter Bengtsson 6 posts

    Peter is a senior web developer at Mozilla currently working on Elmo, Socorro and various internal projects. His main weapon of choice is Django and PostgreSQL but dabbles in other frameworks and databases when time allows. He writes more opinionated nerdery on www.peterbe.com

  • kumar303 6 posts

    Kumar hacks on Mozilla web services and tools for various projects, such as those supporting Firefox Add-ons. He hacks on lots of random open source projects too.

  • lars 5 posts

    Just another aging biker banging rocks together.

  • Mike Cooper 4 posts

    Mike is one of the web developers on the SUMO team. He writes Python and Javascript, and runs Linux, much to the detriment of his focus.

  • Jennifer Fong 4 posts

  • Holly Habstritt Gaal 4 posts

    UX Lead, Mozilla.org

  • Chris More 4 posts

    Manager of the Web Productions team. I'm a problem solver, people finder, and I race cars in my spare time. zoom zoom!

  • Jason Grlicky 4 posts

    Jason is a UX Developer on the webdev team. He has a good time designing mobile websites.

  • Ryan Snyder 3 posts

    Ryan Snyder is the Web Production Manager at Mozilla.

  • Schalk Neethling 3 posts

    I am a Mozillian, an evangelist, writer and developer with a passion for open source, web standards and accessibility. I have been so involved with these worlds that I feel they have become a part of me and cannot foresee a future where these topics will not be a part of my daily life.

  • Gregory Koberger 3 posts

    Gregory Koberger is a front- and back-end developer for addons.mozilla.org. You can view his portfolio at gkoberger.net, or follow him at @gkoberger.

  • Lonnen 3 posts

    Lonnen solves puzzles and writes programs that help Mozilla developers as part of the Web Tools team.

  • Paul Craciunoiu 3 posts

    I'm a full time web developer for Mozilla, with main focus on Django, Python, and JavaScript. I have a B.S.C.S. from UCSC. I’ve been involved with Mozilla since 2008. If you're interested in more about me and what I do, check out my blog or follow me on twitter.

  • groovecoder 3 posts

  • Paul McLanahan 2 posts

    Paul helps maintain bedrock, the codebase behind www.mozilla.org.

  • James Long 2 posts

    Senior Web Developer at Mozilla and part of the Developer Ecosystem Team. Wants to see webapps everywhere.

  • Neil Lee 2 posts

    Neil is a user experience engineer who spends his time being a pleasant human being, mastering the fine art of chewing with his mouth closed, and web design and other user experience-y things.

  • Justin Scott 2 posts

    Justin is a Product Manager helping experimental projects reach their potential in Mozilla Labs. He previously worked on the Firefox Marketplace for HTML5 apps and led the Firefox Add-ons team, helping millions of users customize Firefox to make it their own.

  • Bob Silverberg 2 posts

  • Benjamin Sternthal 2 posts

    Web Development Manager at Mozilla @bensternthal

  • Dave Dash 2 posts

    Dave is a Senior Web Developer at Mozilla. He works on Firefox Input, Mozillians, Playdoh and Elastic Search.

  • Jeff Balogh 2 posts

  • Jennifer Bertsch 2 posts

    I love product management, dogs, and yoga - not necessarily in that order.

  • l.m. orchard 2 posts

    Les Orchard is a serially enthusiastic, caffeine-dependent {web,mad,computer} scientist and {tech,scifi} writer working for the lizard and living in the suburbs of Detroit, MI, USA.

  • Potch 2 posts

    Potch is a Web Platform Advocate at Mozilla.

  • Théo Chevalier 1 post

  • Rob Hudson 1 post

  • Sean McArthur 1 post

    Sean McArthur is an engineer for the Add-on Builder. He also blogs and tweets.

  • Alex Gibson 1 post

  • mhahnenberg@mozilla.com 1 post

  • Kohei Yoshino 1 post

    A longtime Mozillian, Web developer, Japanese localizer, contributing to Bedrock, living in Toronto.

  • Justin Crawford 1 post

    Justin Crawford is a product engineer at Mozilla, working on developer marketing and growth. He likes thinking about the future, building things and riding bikes.

  • Anthony Ricaud 1 post

  • Wraithan 1 post

    Web Developer on the Firefox Marketplace project.

  • Karthik Viswanathan 1 post

    Karthik Viswanathan is an undergraduate student at Stanford University. He was first introduced to computer science in the form of Java during the summer of 8th grade in middle school. After experiencing his first taste of programming, Karthik couldn't stop; he continued to pursue the field throughout high school, where he took CS classes, participated in robotics, and worked on numerous websites. Outside of his coding endeavors, Karthik is a big fan of ultimate frisbee and will play with his friends whenever possible. He also loves to teach and is currently a section leader for the introductory computer science classes at Stanford. You can find out more about Karthik at his personal website.

  • Adrian Gaudebert 1 post

  • rhelmer@mozilla.com 1 post

  • Ricky Rosario 1 post

    Web Developer for SUMO

  • Alexis Metaireau 1 post