Crash Reporter Homepage Reskin

The crash reporter has been given a new look, and the homepage has a new Dashboard.

Screenshot of Crash Reporter homepage

Our UX Engineer Neil Lee has applied some simplifications to the query form. This redesign was focused on the homepage and global navigation.

Another new feature is that MTBF and Top Crashers By Signature can be exported in CSV format. In the future, as we want to slice and dice different reports, it should be trivial to add this feature to other reports.

In addition I’ve fixed a handful of issues:

  • 428110 – Quick and dirty changes to speed up crash analysis
  • 478043 – Make ‘is exactly’ the default choice
  • 479256 – Clarify labels to be Date Processed
  • 470524 – Crash signatures not indented
  • 479460 – Bad Unicode in User Comments
  • 479447 – report/list with no results has JS error

We would love your feedback. Check out some recently filed bugs or send us some feedback and file a new Socorro bug.

We’ve had some known issues around MTBF and Top Crashes by Signature in the last month and are working on fixing these issues. The upside is that SeaMonkey is now in MTBF.