Mozilla Service Week – First L10n Release

Congratulations to the Mozilla Community for an amazing and ongoing localization effort! We’ve shipped our first 4 locales and have several more in the works.

A lot of hard work was done by our de, es, fr, and it teams to make it into the first release.

What exactly has to be done for each locale? The following assets are translated:

  • 230+ pieces of content (in the messages.po file)
  • 20 question faq.php which is an HTML file
  • Site header image
  • Several affiliate buttons
  • Service Week Flyer

In addition to the 4 locales listed above, several other communities are busy working on Mozilla Service Week localizations. We’ll be shipping them as they are completed.

This tracking bug has links to all of the L10n work being done. There are many ways to help us build out Mozilla Service Week, so get involved and Be the Difference.