2.1 has launched! 2.1

If seems a little bit snappier today, there’s a reason. Last night we released a new version of the website that utilizes a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that makes browsing even faster.

What’s a CDN, you ask? To put it simply, a CDN moves content that normally would be served from a website in one location and stores it all around the world, making it faster for you, the user to download it. We’re using a CDN to store images, JavaScript and CSS for

Another neat trick we are using to make the site faster is far future Expires headers. What this does is tell the browser to cache our files and not re-download them every time you visit our site, saving you bandwidth and time.

This release also contains numerous bugfixes, view the full buglist if you want to know more.

Special thanks to Stephen Donner, Krupa Raj, Jeremy Orem and Matthew Zeier for their hard work in making this release possible.