Mozilla Web Development is Hiring

Mozilla is a global non-profit organization that has one mission: to make the web better. The Mozilla web development team is hiring a number of passionate individuals to build web products that promote and support this mission.

Web Product Engineers

We’re looking for 2 individuals who are generalists that have worked the front lines as a web developer, scoped out APIs, architected thorough back-end solutions for web platforms, and sweated bullets at the command prompt during production deployments. The ideal candidates now want to apply that wisdom as a technical project manager for multiple projects, to help bring teams together to craft and deploy scalable web products.

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Django Developers

We’re hiring 8 individuals who spend significant portions of their life in Github, lay the smack down on co-workers who commit code without tests, and whiteboard algorithms for fun in their spare time. The ideal candidates have significant Python and Django experience, and are excited about the idea of contributing to open source projects like Playdoh.

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Django Consultants

You may already be happily employed as a consultant, and are looking to put your energies into web products that will reach millions of individuals worldwide. We need individuals and companies to turn to when we simply have too many projects to handle with our in-house staff. Please contact Mike Alexis, our Web Program Manager, at malexis at to put your name in his hat.

Mozilla Web Development 2011

Whatever your role, if you’re looking for a job you’ll love and interested in working with fun, brilliant people, we’d like to hear from you. Thanks!