New L10n website launched

Last night we launched

Like all major Open Source projects (for example, Gnome, KDE) the place to go if you want to contribute with translation work is to go to

The codename for the project is “Elmo”. code here and alongside the new domain, we also launched a major re-write of the overall design and with some new significant feature additions. In particular the team pages which is hopefully the place to start. If you’re in a team (aka. a locale, a language) you now get a neat and organized dashboard. For example, the Russian locale team page. Now, you get everything (hopefully) you need in one single page broken down by project (for example Thunderbird), Bugzilla bugs and web translations.

At the moment this new site’s purpose isn’t perfectly tuned. It’s a powerful dashboard for getting deep into actual translations and statistics about code changes and sign-offs. It’s also a landing page or portal for all potential aspects of language contributions. Having this new re-design and a fresh wind blown into it will hopefully spur us to innovate and let it evolve the way it needs to evolve.