bug triage process

The list of open bugs for has grown to an overwhelming 1,200+ bugs . This large number of open bugs interferes with our ability to guarantee that we are fixing the most mission critical bugs in a timely manner.  As a result, we propose the following process to reduce the signal to noise ratio.


Manage the bug list by meeting regularly to prioritize and close bugs, as appropriate.


The open bug list has grown to a nearly unmanageable size. In order to ensure we are aware of the most urgent bugs and prioritizing our time and resources against the most important bugs, we will begin to meet regularly to review, prioritize, and close bugs. We hope this will result in urgent bugs getting fixed more quickly, more efficient use of team resources, and clear communication regarding bug status, including reasons why some bugs may receive a “closed/won’t fix” status.

Who: product manager (me) and project manager (Mike Alexis) plus other interested parties.  If anyone would like to join us in this process, please let me know!  We can always use additional help reviewing and prioritizing open bugs.


Every other Thursday (11am Pacific) at first then monthly once the number of open bugs decreases below


  • Mozilla San Francisco, Noise Pop Conference Room, 7th Floor
  • Vidyo Room:  SF0-7N Vidyo room (link to come)
  • Phone:  Call 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 9 and the ext 5704 then #, or:
    +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 – then 9 and the ext 5704 then #

Mike and I will continue to improve this process as we start reviewing bugs.