Firefox Marketplace: Dec 27th – Jan 3th

This is a weekly post focusing on the status of the Firefox Marketplace.

  • Total bugs open: 425
  • Total bugs opened last week: 45
  • Total bugs closed last week: 24

Some specific changes of note.

  • The app validator for the Marketplace is now available without login (bug 820614).
  • Bad permissions in the app manifest are now caught in the app validator and will raise an error (bug 823691).
  • Website statistics converted to using Google Analytics, not Webtrends. (bug 821923)
  • Updated feedback on apps in the Marketplace (bug 811354).
  • ETags added on the packaged apps created so that apps can be installed. (bug 825209)
  • Lots of payment updates, including integration between the Marketplace and Bango (multiple bugs).

As part of our effort to split zamboni into smaller parts, Monolith was created as a service to hold stats. This will allow us to split the code and data out of zamboni.