(re)Introducing the Web Productions Team

Who are we?

The Web Productions team is a turn-key web development group within Mozilla’s Engagement organization. The team is two years old and has a full suite of people to handle almost all aspects of website projects. We are growing and hiring for a few key positions.

Our team

  • Chris More: Web Productions Manager
  • Mike Alexis: Web Program Manager for Mozilla.org
  • Ben Sternthal: Technical Project Manager
  • Justin Crawford: Technical Project Manager
  • Holly Habstritt: UX Design and Information Architect
  • Craig Cook: Front-end web developer
  • Michael Kelly: Back-end web developer
  • Paul McLanahan: Back-end web developer
  • Giorgos Logiotatidis: Back-end web developer
  • Andrei Hajdukewycz: Back-end web developer
  • Open: Front-end Web Developer
  • Open: Web Analytics and Optimization Engineer

What do we do?

We build world-class websites. We design great user experiences. We write clean code. We are both pragmatic and agile. We are always improving.

Here are some of the web properties that we manage and develop for:

Why do we exist?

Our team exists to develop and enhance Mozilla’s primary promotional and engagement websites. Previously, we were within Mozilla’s central Webdev group, we branched out to be closer to the people who develop the messaging and strategy that eventually turn into web-based content.

The Web Productions team is used for most web projects that are born within one of Engagement’s sub-teams. We also have projects that are owned by our team and more internally focused. This includes platforms like Bedrock and Scrum Bugs and even process-orientated work that can be applied to other development teams.

How can you get involved?

Here are some resources to help you get started with contributing to the Mozilla web.

What’s coming up on the team?

Here is a selection of major projects our team is working over the next 3-4 months: