Weekly Marketplace Status Update

This is a weekly post focusing on the status of the Firefox Marketplace. Because of some on site time in Mountain View by the author, I skipped a couple of weeks.

  • Total bugs open: 449
  • Total bugs opened last 3 weeks: 228
  • Total bugs closed last 3 weeks: 151

Some specific changes of note.

  • Transaction lookup tool allows staff to find purchases bug 822701).
  • Set up solitude on stackato (bug 839594).
  • Payment providers terms of service fixed (bug 831139).
  • Recaptcha replaced with more user friendly tricks.
  • Geekphone early adopter pages (bug 834081).
  • Working in-app payments. Woo! (bug 834344).
  • Block apps from being submitted that need certified permissions (bug 839723).
  • Unify app details in the API (bug 838914).
  • Fix installed stats issue (bug 833880).

We are pleased to welcome Chuck Harmston and Stuart Colville on to the team, they’ve even started closing bugs and making commits. Yay!