Firefox Marketplace: Feb 22nd – March 7th

This is a weekly post focusing on the status of the Firefox Marketplace. Because of Mobile World Congress there were no production pushes last week. So this post covers the last two weeks.

  • Total bugs open: 476
  • Total bugs opened last two weeks: 213
  • Total bugs closed last week: 138

A few of the many changes:

  • Anonymous installs, app creation and user registration being recorded for metrics (bug 836586 and more).
  • If an app is public the API will return details to anonymous users bug 827986).
  • App validator API no longer requires authentication (bug 826835).
  • Ratings API added (bug 841199).
  • Mobile review pages added for reviewers (839543).
  • Multiple improvements to the devhub documentation.
  • Simulated in-app payments can now be done (839652).
  • Marketplace locked to portrait orientation (844186).

The Firefox Marketplace is building a packaged app which allow the browsing and installing of apps. Fireplace is the start of that. To allow the packagead app to communicate with the marketplace we are rapidly expanding the API.