Firefox Marketplace: April 5th – April 18th

This is a regular post focusing on the status of the Firefox Marketplace.

  • Total bugs open: 485
  • Total bugs opened last two weeks: 150
  • Total bugs closed last week: 110

The API documentation has moved and is now separate from the rest of the marketplace code. The marketplace has adopted the status code 451 to describe an app we can’t display.

The migration over to the Add-ons site is now complete. Go check out themes.

Some specific changes of note:

  • OAuth has been turned on for all internal services between marketplace, solitude and webpay (858813)
  • Changes to the receipt specification to allow different kinds of receipts (858610)
  • Three legged OAuth has landed for the API (827948)
  • API submission is now throttled, but you can apply for access to submit more apps (848869)
  • Did we mention themes are migrated, oh yeah (858276)
  • Fireplace now has a featured page (860410)
  • Receipt verifying now checks the verifying service URL (770666) and type of receipt
  • Fireplace now has abuse pages (857685)
  • Unit tests galore (851582) and more for Fireplace
  • Apps filtered on adult and child flags (852567)
  • PIN user interface awesomeness (842861)
  • Charts, charts and more charts using monolith (843046)
  • Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I don’t know but our new geo location might tell you (851192)

And finally… odd add-on of the day whimsy.