2013 Web Dev Intern Recap

With the 2013 intern season winding down, we’d like to highlight some of the intern contributions to Mozilla Web Dev projects. This year five interns from four countries spent a few months at our Mountain View office building amazing things:

Ashish Dubey created a communication dashboard in the Firefox Markeplace for archiving communications between app developers and reviewers. The dashboard uses email notifications and syncs email responses, providing some flexibility for users. Ashish also created MarketPlay, an interactive sandbox for exploring the Firefox Marketplace API.

Derek Ries created Kanbanzilla, a stand-alone app that uses the Bugzilla API to provide a Kanban interface to Mozilla’s bug tracker. This allows Mozilla teams to use Kanban without having to keep an external system in sync with Bugzilla.

Shu Hao Wu created a webapp for Mozilla’s support website (SUMO). The app provides offline access to the SUMO troubleshooting wiki for FFOS with fast, full text search that works well across SUMO’s localizations. Shu Hao also contributed to Mozilla’s crash reporter, where he added automated identification of rapidly growing (“explosive”) crash signatures.

Leon Zhang built the first iteration of the Brick web components library. Brick is a javascript library that provides common UI components for web development. Brick builds on the x-tags polyfill to offer the benefits of the emerging Web Components standard today across browser platforms.

Tony Young was a spring intern who refactored several modules of the distributed system powering Mozilla’s crash reporter. He wrote a faster filesystem module, brought consistency to the hbase module, and made storage modules composable to make Socorro easier to install and enable quicker development of new features and components in the future.

Many thanks and well wishes to our interns as they return to school! Also, a great big thank you to Mozilla University Recruiting, for furnishing us with such an excellent group this year!

All of this year’s intern presentations are available on Air Mozilla. If you’re interested in a Mozilla internship, you can get more information from university recruiting, see open positions on our careers page or meet with some Mozillians at a campus near you.