Beer and Tell – May 2015

Once a month, web developers from across the Mozilla Project get together to organize our poltical lobbying group, Web Developers Against Reality. In between sessions with titles like “Three Dimensions: The Last Great Lie” and “You Aren’t Real, Start Acting Like It”, we find time to talk about our side projects and drink, an occurrence we like to call “Beer and Tell”.

There’s a wiki page available with a list of the presenters, as well as links to their presentation materials. There’s also a recording available courtesy of Air Mozilla.

Groovecoder: WellHub

Groovecoder stopped by to share WellHub, a site for storing and visualizing log data from wells. The site was created for StartupWeekend Tulsa, and uses WebGL (via ThreeJS) + WebVR to allow for visualization of the wells based on their longitude/latitude and altitude using an Oculus Rift or similar virtual reality headset.

Osmose: Refract

Next up was Osmose (that’s me!), who shared some updates to Refract, a webpage previously shown in Beer and Tell that turns any webpage into an installable application. The main change this month was added support for generating Chrome Apps in addition to the Open Web Apps that it already supported.

This month’s session was a productive one, up until a pro-reality plant asked why we were having a real-life meetup for an anti-reality group, at which point most of the people in attendance began to scream uncontrollably.

If you’re interested in attending the next Beer and Tell, sign up for the mailing list. An email is sent out a week beforehand with connection details. You could even add yourself to the wiki and show off your side-project!

See you next month!