Extravaganza – September 2015

Once a month, web developers from across Mozilla get together to to work on our containerization startup. While we buy up the latest stock of Tupperware, we find time to talk about the work that we’ve shipped, share the libraries we’re working on, meet new folks, and talk about whatever else is on our minds. It’s the Webdev Extravaganza! The meeting is open to the public; you should stop by!

You can check out the wiki page that we use to organize the meeting, or view a recording of the meeting in Air Mozilla. Or just read on for a summary!

Shipping Celebration

The shipping celebration is for anything we finished and deployed in the past month, whether it be a brand new site, an upgrade to an existing one, or even a release of a library.


Pontoon is a tool for translating Mozilla software. This past month saw several changes ship, including a brand new sync process that is up to 80% faster than the old sync process. Other changes include a new listing page for locale teams, a 50% speedup on the translation view, several new locales, and several visual improvements.

Crash-Stats Faster Loading

Crash-Stats is a service for analyzing crash reports from various Mozilla products. This month they shipped more aggressive cache headers for static assets, as well as Gzip compression for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files. The result was a 25% improvement in load time! Further improvements are planned to reduce the time-to-first-byte.

DXR 2.0

DXR is a code search and navigation tool for Mozilla (and other) projects. DXR 2.0 has been in development for a long time and has shipped at last! The new version comes with a host of updates, including:

  • Support for C++ and Rust, as well as limited Python and XPDIL support
  • Parallel, clustered indexing
  • Binary file and image browsing
  • Plugin-based architecture
  • And more!

Open-source Citizenship

Here we talk about libraries we’re maintaining and what, if anything, we need help with for them.


Peterbe shared a library he created called optisorl. It is a pluggable backend for sorl-thumbnail that optimizes thumbnails using pngquant, gifsicle, and, coming soon, mozjpeg for optimizing the generated thumbnails.


The Roundtable is the home for discussions that don’t fit anywhere else.

Hacks Blog Redesign

Potch informed us of his in-progress redesign of the Hacks blog. A demo of his progress is available and he is looking for feedback. Check it out! Tell him how you feel about it!

If you sign up in the next month, you get a free upgrade to Rubbermaid-brand containers! As always, our compute instances are delivered straight to your door and are always fresh, never frozen.

If you’re interested in web development at Mozilla, or want to attend next month’s Extravaganza, subscribe to the dev-webdev@lists.mozilla.org mailing list to be notified of the next meeting, and maybe send a message introducing yourself. We’d love to meet you!

See you next month!